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Bathroom Cabinetry

Bathroom vanities are usually thought of as functional cabinets that store toiletries and bathroom necessities.  They don't have to be though!  Bathroom cabinetry can be beautiful furniture pieces that can remind you of that exotic vacation you once took, or be that special splurge for your home.

When building a new home most people tend to keep it simple, and order the same cabinetry for the bathrooms as the kitchen.  Why be like everyone else though?  If you have a small bathroom, you might consider going with a lighter wood or painted finish.  If you have a larger bathroom or if there is a window in the room, you could think about darker finishes.

Something else to keep in mind when selecting vanities is the cabinet height.  The kind of old "standard" is around 30" high, and the newer "adult" height cabinets are around 34 1/2" tall (which is the same height as kitchen cabinets).  Kids will obviously find the shorter vanity easier to use, but kids do grow up.  Just be prepared to have a small step stool sitting around or able to hold them up to help them wash their hands if you go the taller route.

Bathroom Vanity Tops

Most often in today's bathrooms, you will find a smooth and seamless countertop.  These tops feature an integral bowl sink, and have a coved backsplash or side splash.  Thes tops are considered to be a "molded marble" countertop, and are also one of the most economical countertops available.  These tops are poured into molds and are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including solids, marble veining, and faux granite.  Most are also available in either a shiny, glossy finish, or a duller, matte finish.  For those looking for more of a luxury look, granite and quartz tops are a popular choice.  However, with a stone top, an integral sink is not availble, and you will need to either have a drop-in sink or an undermount.

Bathroom Hardware & Accessories

Bathroom hardware can be as minimal or outstanding as your tastes and budget can handle.  There are many styles and finishes out there, and this is an area where you can do something a little different and make a big impact!