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Wilson Art

Wilsonart International is a world-leading producer of decorative surfacing products.  No matter what your budget or style, we have a product to fit your needs.  

Laminate is affordable, it's easy to live with, and it looks terrific.  And no matter what your budget or style, you will find a product to fit your needs in the Wilsonart Laminate portfolio.  New technology - like AEON Enhanced Performance - and design advances - like Wilsonart HD - that are ours alone can help you create a countertop that is yours alone.

Laminate countertops are infamous for easy care.  And whatever pattern and color you choose, the beauty will be yours at a price you can celebrate.  Anew look is your for less, leaving you with more to spend on special extras.  Laminate offers the widest array of designs of any surfacing material.  Decorative edges give you even more ways to dress up your countertop.  An integrated Wilsonart sink complements your new countertop perfectly with a look of luxury.  

Wilsonart International....Where Great Ideas are Surfacing!

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